Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII 45th AnnivI would like to abuse this week's Speedy Tuesday to do a qualified guess on the novelty that Omega is going to give to us during BaselWorld (19th of March until the 26th of March). Nearly every year, Omega introduces a small or special Speedmaster to commemorate historical achievements of NASA when a Speedmaster was involved.By way of example, every 5 years, Omega introduces a Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI special edition, to commemorate the moon landing in 1969. A year ago, it absolutely was the Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XI 45th Anniversary edition (we covered it here), tied to 1969 pieces.So, checking the list of Apollo missions, it signifies that Omega could commemorate only a few things in 2015. Either the 1970 Apollo XIII mission or maybe the 1975 Apollo-Soyuz mission. I also were built with a check out Takes space shuttle missions, as you know the Speedmaster got recertified because of these missions likewise (remember we've found one of 56 pieces here?), but it really wasn't until 1981 prior to the first Takes space shuttle (STS-1) mission happened.Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIIISince Omega did a Apollo-Soyuz limited edition in 2009, with a beautiful meteorite dial (we reviewed it here and here) and already did one in 1975 itself (500 pieces only, we discussed it here) and also a gold ones  in 1995 (250 pieces) and 2000 (50 pieces) as well, I believe Omega will drop a different Apollo 13 mission limited edition upon us.Now, officially, Omega did a finite edition to commemorate the Apollo XIII mission in 1995 and used a similar watch to the famous white mission cases (50 pieces in total). The model from 1995 was limited (and numbered) to 999 pieces only. I believe officially, as unofficially but a lot Apollo XIII related is naturally their Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy Award' from 2003. I'm a bit at night why Omega decided to introduce this watch in 2003,  however i will make sure we ask Omega in Basel.The Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy' can be a much sought-after modern Speedmaster. Used to do a write-up about how Snoopy appeared on the dial of your Speedmaster within an article for WatchTime, that can be found here.When i have both the Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII and Snoopy Award in my collection and cherish them both. As the Snoopy watch informs us the storyplot in the accident during the Apollo XIII mission in 1970 the place where a Speedmaster located the rescue, the 1995 Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII just shows a (beautiful) mission patch within the sub dial.As yet, whenever we grab the Apollo XI mission models, watches we saw a mission patch on 3 o'clock using the Missions Suit Case form of 1998 (here is the one that was sold separately though). We have Apollo XI models using an inscription in the event band, only involved back or using silver and even gold medallions on the sub dial. The 45th anniversary Apollo XI model was lacking anything making reference to the mission within the dial, it was just an entirely different execution on the Moonwatch featuring its titanium case and Sedna gold bezel.So, in other words, it's likely that pretty small they're going to exclusively use the state run NASA Apollo XIII mission patch again. On the list of possibilities is the fact that Omega will make use of the Snoopy Award again as commemorative aspect . This will either 'just' help it become an Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII 45th anniversary as well as Omega Speedmaster Professional 'Snoopy Award' Mark II or modern, 2.0. I am unable to think about the latter, as it confuses people (now did I confuse you with Mark II there?).My favorite guess is it is the Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo XIII 45th Anniversary edition. If Omega does opt to include Snoopy somewhere, I'm hoping it'll be done as tasteful while they did by investing in the 2003 Snoopy Award edition. That unique is really a watch from my own collection which i really cherish.Also, result in how many special Apollo models was lost drastically within the last two years, I believe you must act quick and once you like what you see, order it. The Apollo XI 45th edition was 'just' tied to 1969 pieces and so they literally sky-rocketed from the boutiques. Now, since Omega is aware of the interest in these limited editions, and particularly the interest in the Snoopy (and the 1995 Apollo XIII model for instance), breitling galactic 41 they might perform extra than 1970. But you will never know. I am hoping they are doing more. Or do 1970 and i'm able to uncover one myself with time :).I reckon that we shall need to hold back until the 19th of March, omega seamaster replica however am convinced the parameter (1970, Apollo XIII) is obvious. replica carrera automatic tag heuer watches
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